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More than 25 years in the market and present y more than 21 countries worldwide

The dynamic structure of the people that compose all the departments of our company DISTRIBOX has allowed us to achieve a rapid and controlled growth, which has also gained us constant market recognition in all our areas.

We have been in the market since 1990, with a firm compromise and dedication in offering the best possible distribution in press products, collectible and trading cards, 3D gadgets, and incredible toys. As a company DISTRIBOX main commitment and purpose is to supply an ever demanding and growing market, and we are able to achieve this through our important and extensive distribution and logistics facilities which cover the entirety of the European Union´s market.

The strategic location of our warehouses in different location around Spain, as well as our exclusive dedication has made us one of the leading companies on the market.

Our company headquarters are located in the beautiful northern coastal city of Gijón (Asturias), and thanks to our modern offices and ample logistic installations we are able to offer a high quality service to all our clients and partners.


Our amazing products have been in the market since 1990.


Distribox is present in more than 21 countries worldwide.


Honesty, transparency and quality in everything.

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We are present in more than 21 countries worldwide

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